Conor McGregor reacts to Tony Ferguson agreeing to fight on Dec 12 at UFC 256,Dana White on Tyson

29 נוב 2020
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Daniel Cormier on Edwards vs Chimaev card,
Checkout DC and

Dana White on Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr,

Mike Perry eyeing big things in 2021,

Kenny Florian wants new rules for foghters who miss weight,
Checkout Anik and Florian

Henry Cejudo warns Alexander Volkanovksi,

Yoel Romero teases return,

Sean O'Malley says he'll fight at UFC 258 NEXT,

Ferguson vs Oliveira official,

Dana White won't commit to a Ferguson title shot,
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  • Someone please message DC directly and tell him to just shut up.

    Michael WulfMichael Wulf24 ימים לפני
  • Triple cringe

    Helt FlängHelt Flängחודש לפני
  • Conor didn't fight in years prior to cowboys fight and he smashed him ,and cowboy is no amuter no fool just saying never write of the Notorious

    paddypaddyחודש לפני
  • Ooooooo. Can’t wait. Conner looks huge n hungry, but Tony coming off Justin loss n angry. I vote Conner. 3rd rd submission

    442 W30442 W30חודש לפני
  • wait what happened to the Conor vs Diamond fight ???

    Rob NolanRob Nolanחודש לפני
  • Wow

    Rocky AnorthoclaseRocky Anorthoclaseחודש לפני
  • Perry makes for a very exciting fight but I’m genuinely concerned about his health. I hope the UFC takes care of him. Pay him a little more have him fight a little less. Tell him to recover and come back better then ever. That’s how you will get the best “Platinum Mike Perry”. Keep fighting him like this and he will be “Brain dead Mike Perry”

    Peter Pablo Sports ReactsPeter Pablo Sports Reactsחודש לפני
  • The only Conor McKeebbler fight we want to see is with Nate Diaz. The score is 1 to 1. Dana even hates that match up, because it's a huge risk at making his trophy look tarnished.

    ABQ SKYABQ SKYחודש לפני
  • That’s a great fight night card.

    ruthushkaruthushkaחודש לפני
  • Triple Cringe at it again

    Scott RelyeaScott Relyeaחודש לפני
  • Considering Dana and Tyson are friends he doesnt know his age🤣🤣Tyson is 54 not 56. He was born Jun 30th 1966.

    Jason MillarJason Millarחודש לפני
  • So pumped right now man

    razzo086razzo086חודש לפני
  • Haha nick diaz at the end

    WeAreLive!WeAreLive!חודש לפני
  • Fook Conor

    cc sports fancc sports fanחודש לפני
  • CRAP!!!!!!!!!!! BORING

    ruthless soulruthless soulחודש לפני
  • Mike Perry still the realest wigga on earth!

    mrLmrLחודש לפני
  • Khabib retired and al the sudden McGregor is all over mma media again

    king bibibearking bibibearחודש לפני
  • Tyson is back its time for Nick 👋

    Aaftab KhanAaftab Khanחודש לפני
  • Mike Tyson is 54 years old.

    jjww30jjww30חודש לפני
  • Dc, such a company man

    Smoking GreySkullSmoking GreySkullחודש לפני
  • Manscape can go fuck itself

    notImpressednotImpressedחודש לפני
  • Mike Perry has that look of a heroin addict just all the color drawn out of his skin 🧟‍♂️

    Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!חודש לפני
  • Wondering how McGregor is going to perform but I expect him to clean out the division and then go for his third championship. Love him or hate him he is one of the best ever!

    Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!Give me Liberty Or Give me Death!חודש לפני
  • Mike *flashing his money*: “We gotta get to the money” *The* *IRS* *has* *entered* *the* *chat*

    Akil BrazierAkil Brazierחודש לפני
  • Poor heart bleeds for the brother.

    Nuruz ZamanNuruz Zamanחודש לפני
  • I can’t stand listening to mike perry.

    Neil GouletNeil Gouletחודש לפני
  • That’s Perry’s rent and bail money lol

    TarHeelTarHeelחודש לפני
  • Greg Hardy is quietly becoming more and more of a threat. He improves every fight.

    TarHeelTarHeelחודש לפני
  • Henry cejudo so cring but good fighter

    Tony VangTony Vangחודש לפני
  • Kenny knows about cutting weight he sucked himself dry to fight Aldo for the title. Probably why we retired early

    Jonathon LangJonathon Langחודש לפני
  • Does Chito keep forgetting his name? Is that why he has it written on his chest?.. that's weird dontcha think?

    James StukowskiJames Stukowskiחודש לפני
  • O'malley better fight guys his size 170-180, or don't fight at all!!!

    John SurfJohn Surfחודש לפני
  • Why is Tony the only guy Connor is consistently nice to in that division?

    Zach MossZach Mossחודש לפני
  • I don't look forward to seeing Tony Ferguson fight anymore. The CTE is obvious already.

    WutWutחודש לפני
  • henry is the goat

    joshyml1joshyml1חודש לפני
  • If the Zuffa Boxing thing ever really happens, Dana should really look at the 8 2-minuet Rounds thing. I think it could be a game changer where Boxing is concerned.

    Nalla BlackNalla Blackחודש לפני
  • Uh Mike Perry didn't win

    Hamish BertenshawHamish Bertenshawחודש לפני
  • Yoel scored a last sec knock down on thanksgiving

    Mahin KhanMahin Khanחודש לפני
  • Despite i do not like people missing weight. If you agree to taking 30% of someone's total purse. Then you cannot complain if you lose. It is that if you turn down the fight all together. You should be able to get 75% of you show money, the other fighter gets not show money, and neither fighter can fight on that card. That will be how you solve the weight cutting issues. I guarantee you that the fighters are gonna make weight.

    blackstarafro2blackstarafro2חודש לפני
  • How was tyson vs Jones jr entertaining?!

    Joshua EkrothJoshua Ekrothחודש לפני
  • you forgot to add the "i like it too" said by connor mcgregor at the end XD

    Pablo AndreuPablo Andreuחודש לפני
  • Tyson is 54 dana

    ethanb27ethanb27חודש לפני
  • Plot twist..shortly after this video Mike P got robbed..🤓

    Joe SkillJoe Skillחודש לפני
  • Not smart for Wonderboy to accept a fight with a power puncher, given his chinny chin chin.

    systemsevil1systemsevil1חודש לפני
  • Mike Perry is the new Tyrone Woodly😒✌️

    Ray CapehartRay Capehartחודש לפני
  • Sorry but volk kills henry

    David PDavid Pחודש לפני
  • Tyson vs Hollyfield 2: The Other Ear

    Mike ViziozMike Viziozחודש לפני
  • Pay for ILworld premium and STILL GET ADS.. 🤦‍♂️

    TyBo L33T G4M3RTyBo L33T G4M3Rחודש לפני
  • Why they didnt put Ferguson as the main event instead of putting that one guy twice back to back as main event

    thetruthhurts20thetruthhurts20חודש לפני
  • Statue of god .

    Keisu HundaKeisu Hundaחודש לפני
  • How is this card so great? What a joke! The main event is NOT even a main even caliber!!!

    Joe BadgleyJoe Badgleyחודש לפני
  • Conor is jumping from d__k to d__k! 🤣😂😆

    Brando WesthaferBrando Westhaferחודש לפני
  • I am so glad Tony memes are back :)

    Alibek KuanyshbekAlibek Kuanyshbekחודש לפני
  • Mike Perry just punch drunk at this point

    SouljaSouljaחודש לפני
  • Holy fuck that card is fucking insanely stacked. Hopefully everything goes good with injuries and covid. Even though I know it's gonna happen. lol

    DarkSaganDarkSaganחודש לפני
  • Someone tell McNuggets to keep his mouth shut when it comes to #champshit

    Jake AsteriskJake Asteriskחודש לפני
  • How do u only have 90 subs

    ll_3k _llll_3k _llחודש לפני
  • What's triple cringe screaming about?? You heard that wack ass song in the background.. his cringiness is literally gold worthy

    Snappa 87Snappa 87חודש לפני
  • Pike "202.1 lbs I be comin" Merry

    Lolly BreadLolly Breadחודש לפני
  • CCC looking Fat

    Steve pSteve pחודש לפני
  • Tyson is 54

    Anthony AUSTINAnthony AUSTINחודש לפני
  • If guy doesn't make wait don't fight him if your going to cry about it if you lose..its that simple!! But once you agree and climb in to fight dont cry cause you lost..

    Bobby MaceBobby Maceחודש לפני
  • Wait wasn't conner going vs dustin?

    Rodolfo RamirezRodolfo Ramirezחודש לפני
  • I'd like to see Romero come back soon, he's around 43 now, he doesn't have long left to fight but I think he's got another 1 or 2 fights left in him.

    Laura WalkerLaura Walkerחודש לפני
  • Speaking of Mike Tyson, I wonder if we'll ever see a 54 year old Khabib and Conor McGregor going at it in 22 years time.

    Laura WalkerLaura Walkerחודש לפני
  • 3:20 No, Mike donated his entire purse to charity.

    Laura WalkerLaura Walkerחודש לפני
  • how old is Mike Perry, 12?

    P KennyP Kennyחודש לפני
  • Mike Perry would have been happy with a no contest. He is never fighting for the belt, it's just about getting paid now. The only way to deal with him is to simply cut him from the roster.

    Jeremy WixonJeremy Wixonחודש לפני
  • IRS licking their chops seeing that money.

    Chris WhitworthChris Whitworthחודש לפני
  • Dana is a Humble Guy! Leads by example

    Cesar AbrahamCesar Abrahamחודש לפני
  • 1: it's frustrating to see a fighter with real potential like Mike Perry waste his best years by not taking his training seriously..2: Tony should be fighting Conor, or Dustin..He loses a fight to Justin, and all of a sudden he's just forgotten about??? At least a fight with Michael Chandler would make him more money and 3: Mike Tyson hands down won that fight, what a bunch of BS.

    Mike BarrettMike Barrettחודש לפני
  • Khaos Williams vs Miguel Baeza & Buckley vs Chamaev that's what I wanna see in '21

    pete asarisipete asarisiחודש לפני
  • 5:09 A yuge advantage

    watchmejumpstartwatchmejumpstartחודש לפני
  • The judge of a good fight night is: If this was a ppv, would it sell?

    dashocker760dashocker760חודש לפני
  • I just can’t stand Cejudo! I really didn’t enjoy watching him fight before he created his alter ego “Triple C”! Now that he walks around talking like an idiot and just saying so much absurd and idiotic garbage it’s become easy to really hate him!

    Matt BrooksMatt Brooksחודש לפני
  • Cejudo needs to sit down until he renters the USADA pool it’s all ..... BUUUUUULLLLSHIT !

    Emma HEmma Hחודש לפני
  • 5:00 Not sure about the level of disparity when the weight gets into the 5lb range, but the W/L record of the fights where one opponent did not make weight are about 50/50 for either guy - so being over itself does not seem to give any advantage.

    Your Favorite SociologistYour Favorite Sociologistחודש לפני
  • "rollin with the triple C "? wtf ? did cejudo really have someone rap that garbage custom for him? 7:03

    MrCrainge smithMrCrainge smithחודש לפני
  • mike “cte” perry

    J GJ Gחודש לפני
  • Why does the UFC hate Tony Ferguson man like fuck

    ty cty cחודש לפני
  • meeeeh card.

    LTGonlineLTGonlineחודש לפני
  • Dana White : "I dont chase after retired fighters!" also Dana White " I havent even met with Khabib yet, idk what he's gonna do?! if he's gonna come back for a 30-0 or not..."

    QlockworkOrangeQlockworkOrangeחודש לפני
  • Damn I thought the video was saying McGregor was gonna fight him needs to happen

    Alfie JordanAlfie Jordanחודש לפני
  • anyone else just started flicking passed kenny florians part

    Fights And Rap MediaFights And Rap Mediaחודש לפני
  • Perry acts like he’s 11 yrs old on the reg.

    M IresonM Iresonחודש לפני
  • But Edwards vs Chimaev is cancelled right?

    RoySamuel ExcellentRoySamuel Excellentחודש לפני
  • That Dec 19th card is stacked 🔥

    CptnXClp2CptnXClp2חודש לפני
  • DC: Enjoy The BeSt FiGhT cArD wEVE s... Ariel: You know you just said that about the Woodley Covigton... DC: .....One Of The Best Fi......I SAID ONE OF THE BEST! Stupid marketing at its best.

    Art VandelayArt Vandelayחודש לפני
  • Jones was tired because of those nasty body shots Mike was landing...😤😖

    Paul LittlehalesPaul Littlehalesחודש לפני
  • Figueredo putting in work lately, so many fights

    Lift Guy LomaxLift Guy Lomaxחודש לפני
  • Seemed about 30% light there Mike!!

    pobtronpobtronחודש לפני
  • "Let them fight and the best thing you can do is a no contest". Why would the fighter who missed weight fight then, dumbass?

    D CD Cחודש לפני
  • 'If someone doesn't make weight i think its automatically a no contest', khabibs win over gaethje is a no contest?

  • Yeah if it becomes a no contest thing I’d prefer them not fight so they don’t have to risk a 6 month injury suspension or anything long those lines

    Matthew ThorpeMatthew Thorpeחודש לפני
  • Dont understand why dudes retire just to come back and fight. Retire when you are finished , stop using it as a way to gain publicity.

    Eric JacksonEric Jacksonחודש לפני
    • Connor, Henry. Man tho when Henry did it, I knew he was flat out lying. I seen it live and called that out right away. He even admitted he only wants more money and that he didn't really retire later on pretty much.

      Adrien BronerAdrien Bronerחודש לפני
  • Perry better make that money less cuz his ass is almost out the door you know how Dana is.

    jlaborer 394jlaborer 394חודש לפני
  • They should get rid of DC, his announcing is horrible and corny as hell.

    Jesse McHenryJesse McHenryחודש לפני
  • Wtf this is a couple of days old bro jeeezz

    dave ufcdave ufcחודש לפני
  • All these retired fighter s keep on coming back...painfull

    Mark RyanMark Ryanחודש לפני
  • Is it me or does everyone that goes around Trump spreads wrong information then repeat it? At 2:44 Tyson is not 56.

    C wC wחודש לפני